Toni de Bromhead is an ethnographic filmmaker and social anthropologist who has spent the last five years working on the social anti-Mafia in the provinces of Trapani and Palermo, both areas still deeply effected by the Mafia.

Whilst much has been written about the police and judiciary anti-Mafia, little has been written about the social anti-Mafia, and yet its role is vitally important if things are to change in Sicily. It deals with changing the mentality, or the way of thinking, on the island, especially concentrating on the young.

De Bromhead’s research dwells on different associations, their areas of concern and methods of working. Thus:

A brief study of Pino Maniaci, a journalist with his own local community television station in Partinico, a town 40 kms outside Palermo and where the sociologist Danilo Dolci worked in the 60s. Maniaci uses his station to speak out against the Mafia, often virulently, which has made him as many enemies as friends.

A five month study of a group of young people in the town of Castellammare-del-Golfo who formed a political group in order to contest the local elections. De Bromhead follows them from just after their inception right through to the elections, in which they also presented a mayoral candidate. These young people change politics in their local town, bring in fresh ideas, and get the others parties on the hop. Through their debates and meetings we learn a lot about what the Mafia means in this town, and what they are up against.

A prolonged study which involves two associations, Addio Pizzo and Anti-Racket, whose raison d’être is to persuade businessmen and women to stop paying protection money. A third association, Libero Futuro, then supports those who denounce their extortioners and guide them through the judicial process. This study was done in Palermo and Castellammare del Golfo.

A year’s study of the work done by the Province of Trapani branch of Libera, a national association with branches throughout Italy. During this time the charasmatic local leader and branch suffered sustained attacks in the media, both local and national, which was sympathetic to the Mafia. The visual material shows how the members attempt to deal with this.

This site is a work in progress, offering completed films, visual clips and some text. 

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